Advertising – North Face Campaign Sends Texts When Shoppers Near Stores –

by SteveBayle on February 23, 2010
> Advertisers have long been intrigued by the promise of cellphones, because they live in people’s pockets and send signals about shoppers’ locations. The dream has been to send people ads tailored to their location, like a coupon for a cappuccino when passing a coffee shop.

It’s doubtful that consumer are going to put up with a blizzard of different location-based services from individual retailers, all with their own formats for communicating and differing types of promotions.

What customers will embrace will be a simple opt-in platform, that can be used by any retailer in a consistent manner to communicate with customers who want to be communicated with. While every retailer may need and have their own web site, it doesn’t make sense for every retailer to have their own location based advertising platform and certainly not their own iPhone app. No one wants to carry the Tower of Babel around in their pocket.

> “It’s still nascent, but it has a lot of potential,” Julie A. Ask, a vice president and mobile analyst at Forrester, said. “Being contextual and personal is the holy grail of mobile, and location is one of those aspects. But the mechanics of how this is going to work and how effective it’s going to be get a bit murky.”

Creating a solution that cuts through the murk is the big opportunity.

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