Will 2010 Be the Year of the Mobile Coupon?

by SteveBayle on January 2, 2010

I for one, don’t think so. But Mobile Marketing Watch asks the question and in typical journalistic fashion doesn’t really answer it. 


Yes, there were a number of experiments in 2009, several of which they list. Were any hits? No.

I read Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Message years and years ago in college and one thing he said stuck with me to this day: new media always start out emulating old media.

For example, the first films were simply like recordings of plays. It wasn’t until the camera started moving and film editing was invented that film became movies.

Similarly I don’t think the current attempts at porting the paper coupon to the smartphone will work. 

What is needed is a new way to provide consumers discounts and incentives while at the same time providing marketers great tracking info that takes advantage of the five key attributes of the smartphone, none of which is true of your typical coupon:

1. Always with you when you shop
2. Always on and always connected to the Internet, thus always up to date
3. Aware of your location
4. Since its stores and/or instantly accesses your personal information, it is has built-in relevancy matching
5. It’s a computer, so it can calculate, compare, sort, select, analyze and report on incoming data in real time

So 2010 will be the year of the mobile coupon when the coupon is re-invented for the smartphone, no until then.

The coupon needs to be seen as one part of the shopping ecology, tied into customer loyalty programs, retail marketing, brand marketing, and consumer behavior research and more. The entire mobile shopping ecology is at a very nascent stage and it will take more than a series of point solutions without any either de facto or mandated standards to make 2010 the year of the coupon.

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