Shoppers are ditching name brands for store brands – The Boston Globe

by SteveBayle on January 29, 2010

The Boston Globe has a front page story on how shoppers are saving money by buying store brands. 

Here’s the key to why store brands, which are often times made by the same manufacturers as brand name products and/or are the same quality, are so much cheaper:

National brands are more expensive because they typically have marketing and advertising costs – for everything from coupons to television commercials – built into the price.

What does this say about the future of brand advertising in supermarkets? 

How can national brands fight back? One way might be to personalize the shopping experience through highly targeted, just in time promotional messaging and the point of purchase rather than spending billions of dollars on TV ads delivered to shoppers living rooms and probably forgotten about totally by the time they get to the supermarket.

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