VidQue does for video what Verbela plans to do for shopping

by SteveBayle on December 1, 2009

According to this post on Techcunch:

The essence of the service is based on the premise that popularity rarely equals quality, and VidQue instead algorithmically analyzes trends and peer reviews in order to showcase the best videos on its main category listings (e.g. Technology). Thus, the startup claims, each user gets treated as a unique individual which in turns makes for a more “successful and rewarding video discovery experience” over time.

This is very similar to Verbela’s concept to analyze peer rating and reviews of consumer products in order to help shoppers decide what to buy.

In our media saturated world content is NOT king, the new king will be the agent applications like Verbela and VidQue that help people discover and share the products and content that fits their personal wants and needs.

The era of broadcast media and mass consumption is over: one size has never fit all. Now you can start finding not just the size, but the style, make, and model that fits you.

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