Social Shopping: Putting the Emotion Back in E-Commerce

by Giuseppe Taibi on December 7, 2009

In social shopping, you see recommendations and reviews that your friends have shared. You see items that your friends have purchased or brands that your friends have shopped with. This matters a lot when you’re shopping for a digital camera and are stuck deciding between three different models. Of course, the last 10 years’ worth of people’s purchasing histories and written reviews on Amazon may help you narrow your choice – if you can filter out the noise. But those reviewers are entirely anonymous to you, even though they may use a real name and have a rating history with the site.

The decision you are making, as with most decisions, will carry consequences going forward, which is a part of the reason why collective intelligence can’t provide the necessary emotional “spark” in quite the way that a personal recommendation can. Patricia Mejiaa commenter on Richard’s e-commerce trends post, explained why she wants this in shopping: “I want to be inspired, intrigued and entertained when I shop online.”

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