paper vs. PC for pitch meetings

by SteveBayle on December 13, 2009

My friend and colleague Giuseppe Taibi and I had an email discussion about which medium is better for a small pitch meeting: one person, two at most. He feels that paper is better. I’d been thinking that a laptop is better, as you can easily jump around the presentation, show video clips and save a lot of money on color print cartridges. Not to speak of not having to read upside down or sideways when you go through the presentation. If you hand the person you are pitching their own copy of the presentation then you run the risk of them flipping ahead – never give investors print outs, as I guarantee they will do that and you’ll lose your focus and their attention as they then start interrupting you.

We decided we would try it both ways. One pitch I gave a friend using paper worked out well as he sat next to me and wrote some good stuff write on the printout.

However, I’ve added a video clip to our latest presentation so tomorrow I plan to give our pitch to a former colleague on my MacBook Pro. Of course, I’ll have a printout for backup, you always need that as you never know when your machine might crash or your battery dies and you forget the power adapter.

Once you get past one or two people I think you need to use your PC as you can’t effectively show several people an 8.5″ x 11″ printout and you risk them flipping ahead if you give them each a paper copy.

I’m waiting for the iPhone with the built in projector so I don’t have to lug my MacBook Pro around. I’ll just need my iPhone and a white wall!

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