Local Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2010

by SteveBayle on December 30, 2009

The blog Balihoo, Local Marketing Unleashed, has an article entitled  Balihoo Predicts Top Local Marketing and Media Trends for 2010 which is an excellent overview of the various types of marketing used by local businesses. http://bit.ly/5M9scu

Some snippets for those of us interested in mobile social shopping and smartphones as a complement to in-store marketing;

Mobile: Smart phones are becoming more popular, and technologies are moving mobile advertising from primarily text messaging-based to including images and video. However, Balihoo still sees mobile at the local level as more sizzle than steak.
Prediction: The next year will bring the biggest jump yet in text-based mobile advertising, but more advanced options such as image and video will be limited to all but the trendiest of trendsetters.

Social Media: Social media has been the darling of national marketing efforts for the past few years and has made surprising inroads in local marketing.
Prediction: Social media will continue its dramatic rise as local businesses capitalize on this opportunity to engage with their local customers. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will be favorites of local marketers, who will leave other social media untouched until later in the new decade.

Point-of-Purchase: Point-of-purchase — also known as in-store marketing — held steady in 2009. Prediction: There will be a significant rise in these efforts as local marketers look to increase their in-store sales. 

Measurement and Metrics: A surprising trend in 2009 was the local marketing focus on measuring and optimizing the ROI of their campaigns. Interest in tracking the effectiveness of local marketing efforts reached unseen levels, driven primarily by the state of the economy and new tracking technology that works at the local level.
Prediction: This trend will continue and expand  — now that local marketers have learned how to measure success, they will continue to capitalize on it.

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