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by SteveBayle on December 21, 2009

Interesting article in today’s New York Times business section entitled The Trouble With Tailoring Search.

Social shopping with a smartphone is a form of tailored search: the scanned barcode or photographed product is the search term. The user’s shopping list, profile, shopping history and other data can be ANDED together with the barcode to create a search string.

The more information the shopper provides, the more likely they are to get the result that best matches their needs.

The author of the article, Noam Cohen says of the  founder of RushmoreDrive, a tailored search engine for African Americans:

Today, he stands by his view that search results are too catch-as-catch-can. Ideally, he said, users would answer an eHarmony-type survey that would allow search engines to create a perfect match in search results.

On Verbela we can make such in depth surveys voluntary, but I’ve seen research – which I need to find – that people prefer long, specific profiles to filling out short, but very generic ones.

However, I don’t know about joining eHarmony to get a copy of their user survey, my wife might just not understand!

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