ha! aha! hahah! aah!

by SteveBayle on December 7, 2009

We need to think about what the consumer says to themself when they first see or use Verbela.

ha! and aha! mean they grok it, they get it, they like it.

hahah! means they are entertained, which we think people want when they shop.

aah! means they are satisfied, they have found what they want.

What we don’t want is “huh?”

The iPod was a better designed MP3 player, but what got the aha! reaction was the scroll wheel.

The iPhone was a much better smartphone, but what got the aha was the touch interface.

So building a better integrated, more elegant, simpler, easier to use, more social and more useful iPhone shopping app is necessary, but not sufficient.

We need the ha! aha! and aah! reactions at the least. Haha! would be nice too.

There’s killers apps, we need a killer feature.
What is it? Needs to create engage, inspire and perhaps also entertain the user.

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Giuseppe Taibi December 7, 2009 at 6:16 pm

I’d love to integrate Sourcemap in Verbela. Imagine the possibilities. Would this trigger the ha! aha! and aah! ?

“Simply put: We believe that people have the right to know where things come from and what they are made of.

Sourcemap is a platform for researching, optimizing and sharing the supply chains behind a number of everyday products. ”


Sourcemap is an MIT project.

SteveBayle December 7, 2009 at 6:33 pm

Definitely “ha” on the part of a growing segment of the shopping population. Coupled with CSRhub and a database of green products we would definitely have the buzz factor for those who care about their product’s provenance.

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