Barcodes for business locations by Google

by SteveBayle on December 8, 2009

Ad Age Digital has an article entitled Google Bets (Again) on QR Codes, Will Its Big Local Play Help the Technology Take Off?

As the article points out, Google’s effort is the latest of several attempts to link the physical world of the storefront with the virtual world of the internet by using proprietary bar codes.

The idea is that the shopper can take a picture of the bar code with their smartphone and retrieve relevant information about the business.

Each window decal has a unique bar code, known as a QR code that you can scan with any of hundreds of mobile devices — including iPhone, Android-powered phones, BlackBerry and more — to take you directly to that business’s Place Page on your mobile phone. With your mobile phone and these new decals, you can go up to a storefront and immediately find reviews, get a coupon if the business is offering one or star a business as a place you want to remember for the future. Soon, you’ll be able to leave a review on the mobile page as well, just like on your desktop.

Of course, if you’ve looked at the typical business storefront lately you find that they are a blizzard of decals, stickers and signs, so noticing or even finding Google’s or anyone else’s decal in that morass is a non-trival issue. If they partnered with a credit card company, whose stickers are pervasive on strore fonts, they might be better off.

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